Billing FAQs

Payment Options: We only accept credit card payments.  We do not accept checks or money orders.

Automatic Payments:You can choose to pay with a payment plan. If you select this option, your credit card information will be automatically enrolled in our monthly billing system that is completely hassle-free and easy for anyone to do without any worry!

Automatic Billing is convenient and free. We know how important it is to keep up with your bills, so we’ll send you a monthly reminder of when the next payment on your reservation will be due. With our convenient automatic payment, your reservation is fully confirmed and there will be no chance of forgetting to pay or being assessed a late fee.

You can make monthly payments on or about the same day of every month when you sign up for our service. The number of months will depend on how many are left to the final payment date, which we’ll show you right away so there’s no confusion!

If your monthly payment is declined by your credit card company, we will attempt to try again three days later. If it’s declined again, an email will be sent to you for payment immediately. If payment is not received immediately, we will cancel your reservations and all payments previously received will be forfeited.