Don’t worry fellas! We didn’t forget about you when we wrote our recent post about a girl’s getaway! Whether it’s for a bachelor party or just a weekend/week out with your bros, here are some ideas for you and your guys to enjoy some time away from the women in your lives:

– Hunting and camping trips: This isn’t necessarily limited to one part of the United States or even on part of the globe. There are several places to consider for hunting and camping. Anything that allows you to shoot stuff and/or eat what you kill seems like it could be a great mancation. The best part about going in a group is that it makes the fees for hunting a camping more manageable. Some men want to go on trips like this but shy away from them because they don’t want to shell out the cash alone. So, in this case not only is it the more the merrier, it’s also the more the cheaper!

– Fishing: Now, you could just get together with the guys on a rickety boat or head to a pier, but for a true getaway consider something a little more epic such as a deep sea fishing trip in the Caribbean or fly fishing in the Seychelles!

– Vegas: Yes, we mentioned this for the girls too but Vegas seems to have a whole new meaning for guys. Aside from the gambling and the, ahem, cough/wink, “clubs”, there are also a bunch of awesome places to enjoy bourbon and beer! In fact, there are a bunch of places in Vegas that you can do beer flights and bourbon tastings.

– New Orleans especially for Mardis Gras: Ah Bourbon Street. All the fun of Vegas combined with drunken debauchery or partying and a parade? Now, that sounds like one heck of a good time!

What is your favorite thing to do with the guys? Leave a comment below!