When it comes to traveling a little planning can go a long way. Here are some simple tips to make your next travel experience one that is hassle free.

Plan your trip as soon as possible. As soon as you can you should figure out where you want to go and when you want to go so that you can book the trip. Not only will booking early potentially save you money, it will be one less thing to think about.

Create a packing list. Remember our post a while back about things you must have in your suitcase? (Read it here if you missed it) One of the biggest headaches is caused by not knowing what to pack. Make a list of everything you think you will need because this is the fastest and easiest way to see if you missed something.

Exchange currency and get all travel documents in order. It can take up to six weeks to get a United States passport without having to pay expedition fees, so get your passport as soon as possible.

If you need a specific type of currency get that in advance as well because airports charge convenience fees and you may not be able to exchange your currency immediately upon arrival in another country.

Make a day-of travel plan. The standard time that most airports say you should arrive for flights is 90 minutes to two hours in advance of your flight time. It won’t hurt to get there even earlier than that though! Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get yourself to the airport.

Additional tips:

– Wear a comfortable outfit the day you travel

– Eat regularly because there is nothing worse than a hangry traveler who won’t be able to get another meal for a while

– If you are going to a country that speaks a different language learn as much of the dialect as you can prior to departure

– Do lots of research and make a plan. You don’t have to have a strict agenda, but at least have a list of hot spots you would like to try to visit.

What are your favorite tips to make traveling hassle free?