So, you want to host a group trip?  Taking on the responsibility of being the host is a big deal, but it also affords you some pretty sweet perks. For example, you get to make the arrangements so you are in control about where you want to go.  You also will get to control the dates of the trip, but more on these perks in a moment. When you are ready to begin planning the group trip, these are the steps you can take to host with ease:

Step 1- Decide where you want to go and when.

Come up with three options for the vacation as well as three separate times to go on the vacation. This is where one of the perks of being a host comes in.  Because you are choosing the when and where, you can pick places you want to go and times that you are available.

Step 2- Choose the people you want on your group trip.

Is this event limited to friends, family or a combination of the two? Or is this more about inviting people that you have common interests with, such as a networking/hobby trip?

Step 3- Send out an email about the trip with a poll.

Use a free site like survey monkey to create a poll for your group. In the poll present the three options for trip destination and the three options for when to go. Majority rules!

Step 4- Call or email us to and discuss.

Once the group votes on the time and destination it’s time to set up the trip.  Determine costs and critical info you will need for the group.

Step 5- Invite everyone.

Invite everyone and let them know when the trip will take place and how much everything will cost.  This is when people can get serious about whether or not they are joining in the fun.

Step 6- Book the trip.

Now that everyone has ponied up the dough, book the trip and send out the itinerary.  We can handle specific flight information but you can let everyone know what hotel to meet at (or what time to get to the port if it’s a cruise).

Step 7- Safe travels!

Go on your trip and have a blast knowing that you planned a fun-filled getaway!