One of the most frustrating things to plan for a wedding is all of the travel related to it. Whether it’s a destination wedding or just a wedding you choose to have locally, odds are you are going to need some travel arrangements to get your loved ones to your big event – wherever it may be. Here are some ideas to help you make the travel planning a little bit easier:

First, let your out-of-town guests know as soon as possible when you are planning on having the wedding. You don’t need to send formal invitations just yet, but at least send a save-the-date as soon as you and your spouse-to-be decide on a date and location. The more time people have to plan their travel arrangements the better because you don’t want your favorite Aunt Susie to miss the wedding just because she didn’t have enough time to tell her boss she needed the weekend or week off.

Second, work with your travel agent to pick a hotel near your wedding location that can accommodate your group. Often times you can score some sweet group deals for booking several rooms together. Then, when you send the save-the-dates all you need to do is include your travel agent’s information so that they can call and book directly. In other words, don’t handle your guests’ travel for them. You have enough planning to take care of!

Finally, if you do have several family members coming from the same destination to your wedding destination you could suggest that they travel together so that they can get further discounts on transportation. Again, have your travel agent handle the booking of flights and transportation from the airport to the hotel. You don’t want to end up as everyone’s airport chauffer when you should be focusing on your big day!

Do you need some help planning the travel arrangements for your wedding? Feel free to give Travel Solo No More a call at (443) 889-2966 today!

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