You’ve been dreaming of that trip abroad for years, sitting in the same cubicle day after day. You’re sick and tired of being a cog in this machine–you need to feel alive again! The question is: what will happen if your wanderlust gets out of hand while you are traveling? What happens when you find yourself on a cobblestone street with an unfamiliar language all around–and suddenly have food poisoning from that oddly-flavored dish at dinner last night or some other mystery ailment no one speaks English here who can help translate?! Fear not, my friend; there’s good news ahead. With so many medical emergencies happening every year due to tourists getting into trouble overseas without any coverage whatsoever travel insurance is a must!

One of the largest concerns for travelers is what to do in case they need emergency medical evacuation from a foreign country back into their home country. This happens when there’s an extremely serious medical condition and it needs immediate attention by another doctor or expert at home. It can cost upwards of $10,000 due to coordination between multiple hospitals and airlines plus travel insurance plans offer coverage specifically for this situation as well.

With COVID-19, it is estimated that around 40% of people worldwide have put their travel plans on hold, and an almost equal amount has canceled their plans completely, making the upcoming travel season fueled by revenge travel one of the biggest in recent years.

As with most travel plans, the more we prepare, the less likely we are to go through unexpected circumstances that put a stop on our vacations and the less likely we are to cancel or lose our investment due to unforeseen conditions.

Travel insurance can lessen the stress of unplanned travel expenses by giving us a safeguard to protect our adventures. Everything from unforeseen medical emergencies to pre- and post-flight cancellations can be covered with a proper insurance policy and should be carefully considered for almost all non-domestic flights.

No matter how or where you travel, there are loads of ways our brains benefit from stepping out of our comfort zones and into the open world. Enjoy this moment, take it all in, and make room in your life for this experience to repeat itself over and over again. As with anything, having a solid backup plan can save you lots of headaches down the road of your travels.

Article contributed to by Money.com