When considering your next trip it might be a good idea to make it a group event. Traveling as a group benefits you in the following ways:

– You’ll save money. It’s no secret that groups get the best deals. From airfare to lodging you can save a bundle by traveling as a group. Some restaurants and attractions will even offer group discounts. Activities like guided tours, museums, concerts and other performances offer discounts to groups as well.

– You might get to do more activities with less wait time. Tours generally have a minimum number of people that must sign up for the tour guides to go out at all. Having a group with you makes it more likely that the tour will not only take place, but that your wait time will be minimal. Rather than sitting around waiting for another couple of people to join in, your group may be large enough to go out for the tour right away. This is sometimes the case for other activities like parasailing too. Some parasailing companies won’t take a group out to parasail unless their boat is filled with a certain number of passengers.

– Your relationships will get stronger. Traveling in a group allows you to learn what passions you share with the people you are traveling amongst. Things you may have never known about friends and family members come out while on vacation and could help you connect in a way you never knew you could.

– You’ll be safer. There is a saying that there is power in numbers.