Have you ever been to a big family reunion?  Family reunion ideas can include everything from picnics and cookouts to days at the fair, a dinner cruise or trip to an amusement park, and sometimes a big bowling or roller skating night.  What if your next family reunion could be something more, like a fun trip together? Going on a trip is a great way to combine the fun of a vacation with the family time that comes with having a reunion.

If you decide to host a family reunion trip, reach out to everyone well in advance of the planned time so that they can request time off from work. Come up with three locations you want to travel to and then send the family an email asking them to choose where they would like to go. Majority rules!

Once the location has been chosen, send out a save the date for everyone and let them know what days the trip will be scheduled for. Give them your travel agent’s information and let them know if there are group rates for transportation. If the trip involves a hotel stay or cruise information, ask your agent about group rates for that as well.

Expect that not everyone will be able to join you for the trip.  Some folks will simply not be able to afford it or get time off from work.  Be understanding of this and assure them you will invite them for the next get together.

When planning the itinerary for the trip, you should also expect that some family members may not want to do everything together. That’s okay!  Schedule a few meals together and possibly an activity and let the rest of the vacation be about every one doing what they want to do.  The most important thing to remember while planning your family reunion is to have as much fun as possible so that the entire family will look forward to the next occasion.

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