Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.  

Rod McKuen

You want to travel to Ireland, but have no one to go with. There’s a cruise you have been dying to take, but your friends can’t get off work to tag along. Why not go on the trip anyway?!? Nowadays, solo travelers are becoming more the norm and there are tours popping up all over to destinations that fit any need bringing together solo travelers so that they don’t have to travel solo anymore. Here are just a few reasons to consider traveling with strangers:

– You may find your new best friend. Remember our recent post about how travel can strengthen relationships? Travel can create relationships too! There is no better time to make new friends than while relaxing and enjoying yourself. Even if travel is the only thing you and your new friends have in common there are so many travel related subjects that could keep the conversation and the fun going on for hours, days, months or even lead to lifelong camaraderie.

– You could find your spouse. If you are a single solo traveler you might just find your soul mate on your next group tour. What a fun story that would be of how the two of you met “John and I met skiing in the Rockies” or “I met Janet while touring the African Safari.” How cool would that be?

– You have the time off anyway, you should take it! There is no sense in letting your vacation days carryover or possibly even expire when there is a huge world out there that you deserve the chance to see!

– You may not get this chance again. We don’t know what tomorrow holds and I don’t know about you but if I had to choose between traveling with strangers and just staying home I would choose the strangers every time!

Have you ever traveled with strangers? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments below.