International travel is a thrilling adventure, offering the chance to explore new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. However, it can also be quite taxing if not properly prepared for. Whether you’re an experienced globetrotter or a first-time traveler, these tips will ensure that your journey is smooth and enjoyable. If you’re not quite ready for international travel, no worries. You can use these tips whenever you’re gearing up for your next trip.

Prioritize Rest Before Your Journey

A good night’s sleep is crucial before any trip, but it’s especially important before an international flight. The stress and excitement of travel can make it difficult to sleep, so consider bringing melatonin or another sleep aid to ensure you get enough rest. Arriving at your destination well-rested will help you start your adventure on the right foot.

Dress for Comfort and Style

Long flights mean long hours in a confined space, so comfort is key. Opt for loose, breathable clothing and avoid anything tight or restrictive. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, though. Pair comfy loungewear with chic accessories and a vibrant top to keep your look fresh and stylish. A quick, five-minute makeup routine can also help you feel put-together and ready for your journey.

Pack Smart and Light

Packing efficiently is an art. The temptation to overpack is strong, but hauling around a heavy, bulky suitcase is no fun. Focus on essentials and versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched. Remember, if you’re unsure about an item, it’s probably best to leave it at home. This will make navigating airports and other transit areas much easier and stress-free.

Take Advantage of TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry

If you haven’t already, consider enrolling in TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry. These programs are like having a Disney FastPass for the airport, allowing you to bypass long security and customs lines. This perk gives you extra time to relax, grab a coffee, or stretch your legs before boarding your flight.

Ensure Your Passport is Ready

A few weeks before your departure, make sure you locate your passport and verify its validity. One of the worst feelings is discovering your passport is missing or expired right before your trip. Keep it in a safe and easily accessible place to avoid last-minute panic.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Airports recommend arriving at least two hours before a domestic flight and even earlier for international travel. With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, additional documentation such as tests, health waivers, or attestation statements might be required. These documents can slow down the check-in process, so give yourself plenty of time to navigate any potential delays.

Stay Hydrated

Airplane cabins are notoriously dry, which can lead to dehydration and discomfort. Bring an empty refillable water bottle through security and fill it up once you’re inside the terminal. Staying hydrated will help you feel better during and after your flight.

Bring Your Essential Devices

Ensure you have all your necessary devices and accessories to make your flight more enjoyable. Noise-canceling headphones, a laptop or tablet loaded with movies or shows, and extra chargers are all must-haves for a long flight. These items will help keep you entertained and comfortable during your journey.

Utilize Travel Apps

There are numerous apps designed to make travel easier and more enjoyable. Download your airline’s app for flight updates and in-flight entertainment, the Mobile Passport app for expedited customs processing, and Viator for planning activities and tours at your destination. These apps can save you time and enhance your travel experience.

Consider Airport Lounges

If you have a long layover, consider purchasing access to an airport lounge. Many lounges are not exclusive to cardholders and offer comfortable seating, free snacks and drinks, and a quiet place to relax. This can be a lifesaver during long travel days, providing a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to take your next international trip, keep these tips in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Proper preparation can make all the difference between a stressful travel experience and a delightful adventure. Safe travels!

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